Types of Dog Brushes for Shedding

Most all dogs shed, except for a few select breeds such as the Poodle and Schnauzer. If your best friend has a problem with leaving loose fur all over your furniture and clothes you should investigate the different types of dog brushes for shedding and choose the one best suited to your dog. Both purebreds and mixed breed dogs require a brush that is made for their specific type of coat.


If you own a canine with a super short coat, you should purchase a slicker brush for them. These dog brushes for shedding are great for removing loose hairs from your pet’s coat and increasing shine by evenly dispersing natural oils. Dobermans and short-haired Chihuahuas are two examples of breeds for which a slicker brush is appropriate. These types of dogs really don’t require a great deal of brushing.

Some dogs are extremely furry and require a special grooming tool called an undercoat rake. There are breeds like the Newfoundland which have an undercoat and overcoat that must be groomed regularly to prevent knotting and matting of the fur. You may want to use an in-between baths conditioning spray to help ease brushing. This also helps keep your dog’s fur smelling fresh as these sprays come in different scents.

Then there are dog brushes for shedding that are not brushes, but combs. Shedding combs are made to catch loose hairs from furry dogs. They can also be used on shorter hair dogs. Another type of comb you may want to purchase is a flea comb, which has teeth that are so fine you can remove fleas from your dog’s fur this way. Back to the subject of shedding, there are even pet vacuums that promise to eliminate this pesky problem.


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